Our earphone factory owner Miss Pan accepted the interview from Guangxi TV station and Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

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Last Friday(on 7 th Juanary), Guangxi Television interviewed our three earphone factories including old ones &new factory and our CEO Mrs Pan as an excellent entrepreneur. Our owner Miss Pan has rich experience in making earphones for 8 years. She shared her experience of how start her own business with us. She went to work in factories in Guangdong province after primary school, she ever was apprenticed to a hair salon, after a few years’ experience of working for others, she went back hometown and started to think about her own career, by chance she touched earphones and started her earphone career.  Even though she didn’t have rich education experience, her spirit in doing business and the way of dealing with people was worth us to learn from her.  Our factories are supported by government, so the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau went to visit our earphone factories since we had solved almost the employment problem of almost 1000 poor people. This 2022 Year, our factory plan to build a workshops for the disabled which can accommodate about 100 people. It had been permitted by government, so we will accelerate this project as soon as possible.

Our earphone factory is famous in our city, but we believe that more and more people in our Guangxi province or other places will know us after Guangxi Television’s interview.

Guangxi TV, which was officially launched on October 1, 1970, not only gives full play to its propaganda function, but also actively promotes its comprehensive strength and brand influence. Now it has developed into a powerful modern media and one of the most competitive provincial TV stations in China.

1. Wide coverage — Guangxi TV is the largest shareholder of Guangxi Radio and Television Information Network Co., LTD. Its eight channels (including satellite, variety, urban, news, public, film and television, Loxbuy and Mobile (Nanning Bus TV) have all been covered in Guangxi, ranking first in China. The coverage rate of Guangxi SATELLITE TV in provincial capital cities is 100%, covering 700 million people in China.

2.Influence – Guangxi TV is not only important party propaganda and ideological front, is also facing the whole country and even overseas display image is an important window of Guangxi.

3.High audience rating – Guangxi TV seven channels complementary advantages, benign development.

Hopefully in this 2022 New Year, our company will go from strength to strength and sincerely welcome people from home and abroad and all over the world to visit our factories. Let’s develop together and finally build a mutual benefit and win-win situation.

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Post time: Jan-10-2022