Enter Pinduoduo to open new brand plan 2.0, promote the rise of domestic brands!


Last month on October 22, we took part in the selection meeting hold by Pinduoduo, Pinduoduo as a user scale of nearly 700 million electric business platform in China, a lot of spelling accumulated rich consumer data, guided by the demands of users, through professional technical analysis, the digital user demand, based on customer demand, with the data, make the products of the enterprises have higher conversion rate and buying rate, some brand continuously emerged as "hot style". This is also the reason for pinduoduo's confidence in creating 100,000 popular models in the "New Brand Plan 2.0".

Since the implementation of the new brand plan, more than 1,500 enterprises have participated in customized research and development, launched more than 4,000 customized products in total, and received more than 460 million orders. In the third quarter of this year, the average daily sales of customized products exceeded 2 million orders.

After a year and a half, many formal upgrade "new brand plan", and set a more ambitious targets, including support 100 industry area from 2021 to 2025, 100000 new custom-made brand products, sales driven 1 trillion yuan, at the same time to expand cooperation to foundry enterprise is given priority to, from the head to make enterprise services for the whole of China quality, The number rose from 1,000 to 5,000.

With pinduoduo's "new brand plan" for the strong empowerment of cooperative enterprises, the new brand plan 2.0 claims to help 1000 factories build explosive products by C2M mode, so that China's brand building becomes faster, more and easier.

In the latest third-quarter financial report, Pinduoduo made a profit of 466 million yuan in a single quarter for the first time, with nearly 50 million more users and 731 million annual active buyers.


The qualification of the enterprise that want to enter the e-commerce platform:

1.Capable of supplying in bulk
2.Have supply chain advantage
3.The quality is good and reliable
4.Have price advantage

Among the 1000 factories, there are only five factories can be selected in our city, and we got the chance and got support by Pinduoduo as the only one earphone factory .


From yesterday, we started business on Pinduoduo online platform, Congratulations! Our store get 26 orders for only one day.


We believe that we will get more and more orders from all over the world day by day!

Post time: Nov-03-2021